Green Bay- A source close to Sports Starch stated that there have been claims of Pope Francis reaching out to the Green Bay Packers organization in hopes of securing a meeting with Aaron Rodgers. The leader of the Catholic Church was notably intrigued by the Packers quarterback upon hearing about Rodgers’ undying devotion to the Hail Mary. Pope Francis was reflecting on Twitter Sunday night after conducting a service earlier Sunday afternoon, when he noticed that #HailMary was trending worldwide. Unbeknownst to the Holy Father, this trending topic came off the heels of Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers heaving a 42-yard bomb into the endzone, connecting with Randall Cobb for the touchdown right before halftime in their wild card match up against the New York Giants. This feat, commonly referred to in the sports world as a “Hail Mary,” is typically a rare occurrence; however, Aaron Rodgers has seemingly made it part of his repertoire. Rodgers’ Hail Mary sparked an otherwise dormant Packers’ offense in the first half. Green Bay came out firing in the second half en route to a decisive 38-13 victory over the Giants. A member of the pope’s committee told local media representatives that he did not consider himself a fan of American football, but the grace that Rodgers had delivering the deep pass into the endzone has reportedly sparked his interest. Pope Francis stated that he “hopes Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will bring the Lombardi Trophy to the Vatican City sometime in February. But until then I will have to cheer him on from my office. After my service on Sunday, the Mitre comes off and the Cheesehead goes on. Go Pack Go!” Aaron Rodgers has thrown 19 touchdowns to 0 interceptions in his last 7 games, and that was before being backed by the Holy Father. The Packers ride a 7-game win streak into Dallas this Sunday for a divisional round matchup against the Cowboys at 4:40 PM EST.