1– The amount of times Bill Belichick has smiled this season. If you blinked you may have missed it. Belichick is known for his serious and focused demeanor, so when something like this happened, we here at Sports Starch, had to take notice. After their Christmas Eve slaughtering of the New York Jets, the Patriots were feeling pretty good about themselves having a solid grasp of the 1-seed. Post-game for Patriots is typically all business; however, Belichick was feeling great after turning it up against the Jets. Belichick allowed the team a night off so the team voted to go bowling. Although not a participant, Belichick and the rest of the Patriots coaching staff decided to hang around with the team. When the defensive line set up 6 pound pink bowling bowls for the receivers, Belichick sat there unphased. When Legarette Blount advanced too far past the foul line, slipped on the oiled lane, and threw the ball directly into the gutter, the whole place was raucous. But Belichick did not have the slightest smirk on his face. The whole night was a light-hearted, relaxing time for the players to enjoy. Belichick seemed pleased that his team was unwinding and having fun because they had a serious playoff run on the horizon and it would soon be time to focus. Then came the moment. Tom Brady was finishing up his final game before he left to go home for his 8:30 p.m. bed time. Julian Edelman and Brady were tied going into the 10th frame. Tom Brady put on his finger gloves to protect his freshly manicured nails from the depths of the repulsive finger holes of the bowling alley’s ball. He then rolled his first ball. Strike! He rolled his second ball. The roll looked good but caught an unfortunate streak in the oil and plowed through leaving a 7-10 split. Tom eventually picked up the 7 pin but left the game wide open for Edelman to win. Belichick, at this time, was starting to worry that his perfect quarterback might lose and would then compromise Tom’s overall confidence affecting the team. Bill watched with trepidation as Edelman dried his right hand on the hand dryer. As Edelman was preparing to bowl, Tom Brady was messing around with the monitor overhead. Just then, a small smirk appeared on Belichick’s face. Brady had switched Edelman’s name on the monitor to read “Wish I was Welker.” Edelman appeared uneasy at the name change but rolled the ball down the lane into a perfect strike. Edelman was now in the driver’s seat. All he had to do was get a 9 or better and he had conquered the unconquerable. Edelman went to roll the next ball and but then tried to hold up at the last second when he heard a distracting cough. Edelman immediately turned around to face the culprit but held back his anger once he realized it was coach Belichick who was the cougher. “Sorry Julian,” he said. He only knocked down 7 pins; although, he was in prime position to pick up the spare. As he went to pick up the spare, Brady blurted out “JULES!” and the ball made its way to the gutter giving Brady the win. Brady began to celebrate and rub it in Edelman’s face when it happened. After seeing his star quarterback succeed yet again, Belichick sported the grandest smile. When our reporter asked him about the smile after the game, Belichick said, “We are on to football.”