John Daly had accidentally entered a professional eating competition earlier this week and finished in second place. John Daly was on vacation with his friends and family at Coney Island in New York when Nathan’s was holding their semi-annual hotdog eating competition. The field was littered with former champions and hungry (no pun intended) new comers ready to give it their all in this gluttonous challenge. Twelve minutes to eat as many hotdogs as possible. Seasoned vets like Joey Chestnuts, Matt Stonie, Tim Janus, and the returning Takeru Kobayashi were set to get the competition underway when big John Daly walked up to the table. A perplexed crowd looked on but the judges allowed him to stay due to his star power. A new fan favorite emerged as the competition began. Fans cheered as the eaters started downing the hotdogs. Joey Chestnuts and fellow competitive eaters were breaking the hotdogs and dipping the bread in cups of water, as is customary in these competitions. However, John Daly sat at the table, loaded up his hotdogs with condiments and requested several beers to enjoy while he ate. Daly employed an interesting strategy but the results were remarkable. He was keeping pace with the field. As competitors started to fall off, Daly continued to apply relish and mustard to his Nathan’s classic hotdog. Daly polished off his fifth Budweiser when Matt Stonie dropped out leaving only himself and the reigning champ, Joey Chestnuts, left for the championship. With less than a minute to go the competitors were neck and neck, both standing at 56 hotdogs. The crowd chanted for both men and as the seconds waned off the clock the competitors grabbed what appeared to be their final hotdogs. While Chestnuts was chomping down, Daly decided to instead finish his sixth beer. As the final timer rang, Chestnuts beat Daly by two hotdogs. A Sports Starch reporter was able to catch up with Daly after the competition. When asked about his performance Daly had this to say:

“I was up here strolling around with some friends when I saw all of the commotion. I got a little closer and then I got a whiff of something good. I saw that there were tons of hotdogs on the table and if you know me, I LOVE my dogs. I decided to see what was going on and they tell me I had to eat as many hotdogs in 12 minutes as possible. Nothing more needed to be said, I was in. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but I have had worse days.”