Bill Belichick is not the easiest to get information out of, and when you do get something, it is in very few words. When you do get him to reveal some intel however, you listen. When he is the one who reaches out to you, you REALLY listen.

Belichick contacted SportsStarch personally, to conduct a phone interview on his thoughts on the recent Gus Bradley interview. Word travels fast huh?

Below is the transcription of the interview, enjoy.

SportsStarch: Thank you for calling in Bill, it’s an honor to speak with you.

Bill: Sure.

S: So you saw the Gus Bradley press conference?

B: Yes.

S: I personally thought it was a little comical, I’m assuming you did as well?

B: Yes.

S: Okay, well you wanted to share some thoughts. The floor is yours.

B: I disagree

S: Care to elaborate?

B: Yes.

S: Well… the floor is yours.

B: I think we should have 3 downs instead of 4.

S: Oh wow, that’s a pretty bold statement. Are you sure you’re not being a little too confident in your team?

B: No.

S: Okay, well I think the fans would appreciate some justification.

B: We didn’t have Brady, barely had Gronk, no Lewis, still won.

S: That was very impressive yes, but LeGarrette Blount has been phenomenal. He’s no slouch, and now you have Brady back. And Lewis. I don’t mean to discredit you or anything, but…

B: I want 3 downs.

S: You said that. Anything else you want to add?

B: No.

S: Okay, can I ask a few questions then?

B: Sure.

S: You are clearly confident in your team, do you expect to win the Super Bowl?

B: We’re just focusing on our next game.

S: Okay. Gronk. That news kind of stinks. He’s a game changer. How do you plan on compensating for his absence?

B: We’re preparing for next week.

S: Here at SportsStarch, every year we speak to players and coaches from all walks of life. They give insight and advice to kids and all fans really, about setting goals and sticking to them. Have you seen or heard about this?

B: Yes.

S: Well, you’re very successful. You couldn’t have gotten there without setting goals and striving to achieve them. Are my assumptions correct?

B: Yes.

S: Do you want to shed some light on some of your New Year’s resolutions?

B: We’re just focusing on Christmas.


Well, there you have it. The definitive Bill Belichick interview. He wants 3 downs, and that’s about it.