4 for $24- Only in Cleveland.

This story is actually true. Two NFL teams will be playing a football game in Cleveland, Ohio this Saturday, December 24th, 2016. The two teams squaring off are the 5-9 San Diego Chargers and the 0-14 Cleveland Browns. It should be a very bad game considering the fact that one team stinks and the other team is absolutely terrible. However there is an offer that may seem irresistible to some people who hate the holidays and also probably hate themselves.

On resale ticker site StubHub, tickets for the game are selling for as low as $6 each! So get them while they’re hot! If 2016 just hasn’t been miserable enough for you, rally that family of four and get your tickets to a game surely to bore the hell out of you and ruin your Christmas Eve and probably your Christmas too. Personally, I’d rather spend $6 on a new pair of crappy underwear or holy socks. Go Browns!

Note: If, like us, you decide against attending that train wreck of an American football game. Don’t forget to check back here on Christmas Eve for another 12 Days of Christmas story!