Eddie Lacy Ate 7 Cheesesteaks

A few weeks ago the Green Bay Packers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27-13 on Monday Night Football. Injured running back Eddie Lacy made this trip and many fans were questioning why he joined the team for this game considering he had not gone to any of the team’s previous road games since getting injured. Well folks the truth has finally come out as Lacy was spotted at EA (Eaters Anonymous) over the weekend.

Lacy spilled the beans about the eating trouble that he has gotten into since doing P90X last year. Lacy explained to the group that he took the trip to Philadelphia so he could try some of the world-renowned Philly cheesesteaks. Lacy said he went down to Geno’s and Pat’s Cheesesteaks and said he felt like he was in Disney World. He went to Geno’s first and then went to Pat’s and apparently he couldn’t decide which cheesesteak was better so he continued to eat them. Lacy, in tears at this point, told the group that he ate 7 cheesesteaks when he finally decided that the cheesesteaks were tied for the best cheesesteak he had ever eaten.

Now that we know why Lacy took the trip to Philadelphia, it will be interesting to see if he takes any more road trips to workout his jaw muscles while he recovers from injury.