It was the year of Eleven in 2016. Eleven remained the number of players on one team on a football field and also remained the number of players on one team on a soccer field. However the reason Eleven really hit its stride in 2016 was because of the character “Eleven” from the hit television series “Stranger Things”.

“Stranger Things” has been nominated for best television series at this year’s Golden Globes. The entire cast is very excited; however “Eleven” is focused on an entire different matter, involving golden gloves. Eleven recently completed her tryout to be the Los Angeles Galaxy’s goalie for the upcoming 2017 season and she was absolutely fantastic. Galaxy coach Curt Onalfo had this to say;

“Eleven is really amazing considering her size, and she was clearly the best goalie during the course of this tryout. She has some special abilities, some of them I can’t even describe. Not only does she block the ball with her body, but it seems like she is using her mind to deflect shots wide of the net. Our only concern is that the MLS won’t allow her to play given her constant nosebleeds, so it is a situation we are going to look into before the start of next season.”

We were unable to land an interview with Eleven for this piece, but we saw her demeanor on the field and we agree with Onalfo that she was clearly the best goalie out there. Eleven was wearing a goalie shirt with a large sponsor of “Eggo” across the front, and had her signature golden gloves on during the duration of the tryout. We did catch up with Galaxy star forward Landon Donovan who said the following;

“I’ve been playing this game for a long time, and I have never seen a goalie as versatile as Eleven was today. She is truly remarkable and we’re excited to have her as a part of the Galaxy this year.”

Well Landon we feel the same way here at Sports Starch. The more Eleven that we see the better, of course as long as her time with the Galaxy doesn’t interfere with her time on “Stranger Things.”


Jacky Legs

Sports Starch Contributor