With the 2016 NFL season wrapping up over the course of the next month, it is now time to start thinking of those end of the year awards. NFL Coach of the Year is an award presented to the coach who has done an outstanding job with the talent he has at his disposal. It distinguishes the brilliant football decisions and highlights the dedication and passion needed to win at the highest level. Here at Sports Starch we want to focus on one candidate, who despite being fired just a few hours ago, put together a nice resume through the first 13 games of the 2016 NFL season.

Jeff Fisher enters the Coach of the Year voting as one of the top 32 finalists. Jeff shows up every week to coach a football game, and coach a football game he does. Selecting plays, leading players, and managing the game are all qualities that Jeff Fisher would love to have. When asked about his match-up with the New England Patriots two weeks ago Fisher had this to say, “We know they are a great squad. Obviously they have Tom Brady,but then you look at their running backs: Harry, Mooky, and Tiki Barber. Those guys are the skill players we have to limit on the defensive side of the ball.”

For many years, Fisher’s blissful ignorance enabled him to keep his position as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, but his lack of actually winning football games has finally led to his demise. Fisher has single handedly set the Rams’ franchise backwards whilst rendering Tavon Austin’s and Todd Gurley’s skills futile. Just a reminder, these are two players that he used first round picks to acquire. When we interviewed Rams’ executive Kevin Demoff last week about Fisher’s production, he had this to say, “Well my daddy is Jeff’s agent and he says that Jeff deserves a big contract and my daddy is always right.” Well we guess that was a lie, as Demoff has managed to fire Fisher since our conversation.

Jeff Fisher’s 22-year NFL career has been filled with its ups and downs. His reputation as a coach submerged in mediocrity is not without its merits. In over two decades as a coach he has made 6 playoff appearances, 3 division titles, and one Superbowl. However, as a coach, Fisher’s teams have finished with 7 wins or fewer over half his career. Now, as he drags through his 5th losing season in a row with the Rams, the cord has finally been cut and Rams’ fans will no longer have to deal with the mediocrity that is Jeff Fisher. Most remarkably however, Fisher will wrap up his career tied for the most losses in NFL history, yet still be one of the 32 finalist for this year’s NFL coach of the year. We attempted to interview Fisher after his firing but all he had to say was, “Winning games is tough at the NFL level. That’s what the players tell me, and I have to believe them, I think I have to believe them.”