Last night the Philadelphia Flyers won their 7th straight game, defeating the Edmonton Oilers by a final score of 6-5. After the game a few members of the Edmonton Oilers were seen roaming the streets of Philadelphia hitting up a few of the local bars. There was something interesting about this team bonding trip however; every time the group got to a bar, one of them did not go in with the guys. He just kind of walked around, noticeably with his cell phone in his hand. When the team entered the well-known McGillin’s Ale House, we were able to catch up with the one guy who kept staying behind. Of course it turns out this fella was Captain Conor McDavid, who up close has less manly features than my 14 year old cousin. We asked McDavid why he would come out when he knows the rest of the guys are going to the bars.

“I try to lead this team both on and off the ice, but to be honest I have never seen this many Pokémon in an urban area! Tonight was a frustrating loss on the ice, but I’m training to be the very best there ever was at my favorite hobby!”

After further discussion with McDavid we discovered that he has caught a total 127 Pokémon and said he won’t stop until he catches them all.

“This is simply the best game ever. Some nights I’ll play the games with my phone in my pocket to hatch as many eggs as I can, and I check each intermission on my progress. The only thing that pisses me off more than Brandon Manning tonight is that I can’t for the life of me find Jynx.”

Well there you have it. The best young player the league has seen since Sidney Crosby has a passion for an interesting hobby, to be the best there ever was.


Jacky Legs

Sports Starch Contributor