JACKSONVILLE – No one would argue that Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has performed below peoples’ expectations this season. Last season, Bortles threw for 4428 yards, resulting in 35 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. This season, Bortles is on pace to throw for 3660 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 20 interceptions; obviously moving in the wrong direction for a young quarterback in his 3rd season.

A number of members of the Jaguars organization spoke about the frustration.

“It’s frustrating. We know what he’s capable of, hell, what we’re capable of as a team, but we still can’t seem to figure it out,” said head coach Gus Bradley.

He shed some light on his opinion of the source of Blake’s struggles.

“We saw [Blake] shine last year, but it was raw. We knew he needed some refinement, so we wanted to bring someone in to help. We flew a quarterback coach in from Ohio, [a] well renowned guy by the name of Phil Hughes, ya know, to work on footwork, tighten his throwing motion, etc. Well, it turns out, he wasn’t well renowned at all. Phil Hughes was an alias, and the man’s real name was Mitch Chesterton. He had recently been released from a facility after being treated for split personality disorder. The man fabricated websites, testimonials, diplomas, you name it. Clearly, everything he taught Blake was detrimental, I mean, the guy can’t complete a pass more than four f****** yards.”

Wide receiver Allen Robinson had some venting to do as well.

“One more game. I’m giving him one more game. I’m beating guys off the line, wide open, and the ball sails 10 feet over my head. My niece throws better passes to me, and she’s 6. 6…”

TJ Yeldon, one of the Jaguars running backs, voiced his opinion on Bortles, and his lackluster performance as of late, “…we’re pissed off! it’s 2016. Teams watch film, hell, they could just look at twitter at this point. Defensive coordinators scheme to stop the run, knowing he can’t complete a pass. Now we’re getting injured and taking flak for running like s*** this season, it’s a joke.” He went on add, “I was messing around with some of the guys and  [I] said we should make a call to Tim Tebow. Our laughter quickly stopped when we realized we were only 37% joking”

There has been league wide questioning and speculation about Gus Bradley’s job security after this season. When asked if he thinks he will remain the head coach of the Jags next season and going forward, he responded with:

“I hope not. Dear God I hope not”


Tyler Migliaccio
SportsStarch Senior Writer